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Podcast hosted by marine educators and scientists with vast expertise in Sargassum and Coastal Communities. The podcasts interviews scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, community project leaders, government officials, artists, fishermen, people working in the tourism sector and others on how they experience Sargassum, a floating algae that has caused severe problems when beaching in the wider Caribbean and West Africa. Each interviewee will tell us of a solutions or new knowledge they came up with while dealing with Sargassum. 

Sargassum Podcast

13 Episodes


Ute Marx is Professor of Medical Engineering at Pforzheim University, but she has spent some of her research time in Brisbane Australia. Her teaching focuses on the subjects of technical... more

Professor Kwasi Appeaning Addo is a coastal processes specialist with vast experience in the West Africa coastal region. He is the Director of the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies... more

Sargassum Podcast Episode 33: A Different Kind of Invasion - Panel on Sargassum horneri in California  Our panel of guests today are:    Melissa Hanson   Melissa is the Co-Founder... more

Henrique Ramos is the CEO of SeaExpert, which is a fisheries services and consultancy firm. He developed several aquaculture projects through SeaExpert, as an algae harvesting operation for the cosmetics... more

Le samedi 14 août, un tremblement de terre de magnitude 7,2 a frappé Haïti, suivi lundi par la tempête tropicale Grace. Cette catastrophe a fait de nombreux morts, blessés et... more

Our guest today is James Ellsmoor, who is the Founder and Director of Island Innovation, which connects rural and island locations around the world working on similar development issues. Island... more

Dr. Tom Linton is an emeritus professor at Texas A&M. Tom has  studied the impacts of Sargassum on Gulf Coast beaches for decades and  was also involved in the development... more

Dr. Legena Henry is an MIT graduate, and a Mechanical Engineer, who is now the Lecturer for Renewable Energy at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, specializing in... more

Florence Ménez est titulaire d’un PhD en anthropologie culturelle et sociale (EHESS, Paris) et d’un PhD en Histoire sociale européenne contemporaine (Université Ca’Foscari, Venise). Elle est coordinatrice du projet de... more

LINK TO LISTENERS SURVEY: Our guest today is Teresa Chavez-Capilla who is an environmental and bioanalytical chemist, working as a post-doc at the University in Bern, Switzerland. She is... more

Luis Macías es un experto en comercio internacional con un doctorado en Sociedad de la información y conocimiento, con más de diez años de experiencia en desarrollo empresarial y coordinación... more

Our guest today is Andrés Bisonó León who is the CEO and co-founder of SOS Carbon. He is from the Dominican Republic and studied mechanical engineering and finance at Drexel... more

Pierre-Antoine Guibout est le fondateur de Sargasse Project, un projet de transformation des sargasses en pâte à papier destinée à la fabrication de papier, carton, et plus largement tout objet... more

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