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Join the 6th episode of North Coast Chronicles:  Tales from the Great Lakes.  This month, we venture into "The Silent Watchkeepers - Lighthouses of the Great Lakes" with Mr. Wayne... more

Join Rising Sea Voices’ host Felicia Olmeta-Schult and Dr. Tiara Moore, environmental ecologist and postdoctoral researcher at The Nature Conservancy, to learn more about environmental DNA (eDNA) and the struggles... more

11/23/2021 | 41 MINS

Happy ‘Gatorgiving!

In this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, be on the lookout for the beautiful “Celebration Gator” float! We were inspired by this reptilian replica to record a riveting episode celebrating... more

On this week's episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham reflect on the coverage of COP26 with Nadiah Rosli, a freelance journalist and conservation communicator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.... more

On this episode of Shorewords!, join host Lesley Ewing in conversation with Shannon Cunniff, past Director of Coastal Resilience with Environmental Defense Fund, geographer and director of ASPBA, as she... more

Eva sits down with two guests this week to discuss ocean plastic, its impacts, and how to tackle this environmental hurdle. Adam Frederick is the Assistant Director for Education at... more

In this month's episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Admiral Tim Gallaudet guides us on the topic of coastal resilience  We look at ways to achieve coastal resilience and how that contributes... more

On this episode of Delta Dispatches, Jacques Hebert and Simone Maloz talk to Elizabeth Chamberlain, Assistant Professor, Wageningen University, about her career as a coastal geologist. Liz got her start... more

This week, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham talk about the volcanoes of Hawaii with Dr. Matthew Patrick, a research geologist at the USGS operated Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), which... more

Join host, Jenna Valente, and her guest, Whit Jones, for a special Veteran’s Day episode of the Sea Change Podcast. Whit is the South Carolina Operations Director for Wounded Nature-Working... more

In this episode of Going Coastal, Amanda Tritinger, PhD and Laura Verderame, PhD join co-hosts Jon and Heather to discuss transitioning from the comforts of grad school life to the... more

On this episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Tamara Kahn to the show to announce ASPN's newest addition, Wave Makers, a show about the blue tech frontier. Before diving... more

This month, the "acronym-of-the-month" is back, and Taylor questions her hip-ness during this month's episode of The Ocean Decade Show. Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA)'s CEO and founder Daniela Fernandez and... more

On this months episode, Howard and Dan will share the insider scoop on the Coastal Barrier Resources Act, and the reauthorization of expiring beach projects. In addition, they’ll break down... more

This week on Delta Dispatches, Jacques and Simone chat with friend of the show Helen Rose Patterson, senior outreach coordinator with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). She’s here to talk... more

On this show, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham talk to Dr. Joyeeta Bhattacharya about Paleoceanography, the study of the ancient oceans.  There is a new interest in Earth's ancient... more

Genevieve and Kyra are joined by their first guests this week. They discuss Local Ecological Knowledge and get an insight into North Carolina Fisheries research being conducted by their peers... more

Join Rising Sea Voices’ host Felicia Olmeta-Schult and Dr. Delphine Lobelle, physical oceanographer and post-doctoral researcher at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, to talk microplastics! In this episode, Delphine explains... more

On this jam-packed episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham begin by talking to Sally Bakko, a recently appointed (by Governor Abbott) board member of the Gulf Coast Protection District... more

On the fifth episode of North Coast Chronicles: Tales from the Great Lakes, entitled, "The Great Portage of 1829," historian Bel Bachmann and trade and compliance specialist with the Canadian St.... more

This month on The American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Admiral Tim Gallaudet covers climate change - how climate change is impacting the American Blue Economy through warming oceans, ocean acidification, sea level rise, and... more

On today’s episode, Jacques talks with Steve Cochran, who has served as Campaign Director of the Restore the Mississippi River Delta (MRD) for the last six years, about some developments... more

On this episode of, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down with economist Dr. Ryan C. Lewis to talk about his research into the pricing effects of sea level rise... more

In the episode of Shorewords! Host Lesley Ewing talks with Her Deepness, Dr. Sylvia Earle and Subsea Concierge, Liz Taylor, about their years of ocean exploration and documenting the conditions... more

In this episode of Going Coastal, Mr. Hank Hodde joins co-hosts Heather and Marissa to discuss the Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship and his road to a career in coastal policy... more

As impacts from Hurricane Ida continue to be assessed, Pontchartrain Conservancy's Water Quality Program Director Brady Skaggs discusses how the storm affected water quality across the region and what actions... more

On this episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham talk to Dr. Karen Martin about the response and potential impacts of the Huntington Oil Spill that occurred off the coast of... more

NOAA recently announced that summer 2021 was the hottest on record. During this episode, Jenna is joined by Taylour Chang and Nā‘ālehu Anthony to explore the visually dynamic and spiritually arresting, Artists of Hawai‘i... more

This week on Coastal Conundrum, we’re excited to welcome back Nicole LeBoeuf, the Assistant Administrator for NOAA's National Ocean Service, to talk about what the Nation’s premiere coastal and ocean... more

On the October Episode of the WaterLog Podcast, Howard and Dan kick off the beginning of the Federal Fiscal year with a breakdown of the chaos in Washington. Disaster funding... more

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