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Nathan Zvi is on a mission to bring climate innovators to the forefront of media and help the people of the world reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and live happier. The Net Zero Life podcast answers the most basic question of “Why should you care about climate change?” and dives deep into topics such as “How many times do you need to use your Hydroflask before it is better than a Poland Springs water bottle?” Along the way you’ll hear from sustainability thought leaders such as climate scientists, politicians, celebrities, business people, and everyday folks who are living their best net zero life.

Nathan Zvi

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You can't change what you can't measure. Taylor Francis, co-founder of Watershed, is working to change that for carbon accounting. Watershed is building the next generation carbon solutions platform. Not... more

What is the best thing you can do to prevent climate change at this moment in time? Vote for policies that bring the world closer to net-zero emissions. In our... more

Welcome to season two of The Net Zero Life. In season one, we spoke to innovators working to bring the world closer to net-zero emissions. In season two we continuing... more

On this special crossover episode, Nathan has the privilege of hosting a fellow sustainability-focused podcaster, Peter Levin -- founder and host of In Good Hands. In Good Hands is a... more

200 Billion tons of CO2. That is the potential amount of carbon that trees -- a solution to climate change that requires no innovation -- can remove from the atmosphere.... more

Walk around any suburban neighborhood and you will see two things in abundance: solar panels and electric vehicles. Fifteen years ago, that would never have been the case. In just... more

There is carbon in the atmosphere that is changing the very nature of our planet. Everybody knows this. What to do about it? And how? That's where things get complicated. ... more

  Over the course of the first season, we’ve been introduced to a host of climate problems that the world needs to solve, as well as some of the groundbreaking... more

Part of my net-zero journey is finding more efficient ways to do the things I already do. People want to fly, eat, and live without harming the planet. Inertia is... more

The ocean is both our partner in fighting climate change and the home of one of humanity's favorite sources of protein: fish. There are numerous reasons for us to support... more

Sustainability work can be daunting. The existential threat to humanity’s existence has the potential to paralyze. Today’s guest is Quintin Barnes, VP & Co Founder at Allumia, and Allumia grew... more

Plants bear a terribly heavy burden in the fight to keep carbon out of the atmosphere. They collect and store carbon inside themselves, which is why you often hear about... more

For many sustainability-minded folks, travel is a huge conundrum. Nathan identified it as one of his own sustainability vices, and some of our guests have as well. For many, the... more

Mimi Tran Zambetti is a co-founder at Wren, a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to helping end the climate crisis. Wren is a website that lets you calculate your carbon footprint... more

Dan White is a behavioral and environmental expert with extensive experience creating successful innovations to save large amounts of carbon, quickly. His company Signol, is founded upon peer-reviewed research with... more

02/28/2021 | 2 MINS

The Net Zero Life

Nathan Zvi is on a mission to bring climate innovators to the forefront of media and help the people of the world reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and live... more

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